…Let’s see how to get you the best deal! 

P.S. The very first time you buy AMSOIL, you are assigned a servicing dealer. That dealer is assigned to you for life…and you can’t switch! So make sure you buy through a dealer you trust.



Option 1 – If You Just Want An AMSOIL Hat or Two.. .

Click here to shop 24/7 online! We prefer to give you a discount, but if you’re buying a tiny amount, we understand!

Option 2 – BEST VALUE: Save Up To 25% As a Preferred CustomerBuy AMSOIL as a Preferred Customer Signup

Pays for itself in just one oil change! Most of our customers never, ever go back, so we’re pretty sure you’re gonna love it! >> Click here to join as a Preferred Customer For $10 Today



Buy AMSOIL as a Dealer

Option 3 – BIG BUYERS SAVE BIG!! Save 20-25% PLUS Get a Few Bucks Back on Whatever You Buy

We encourage people to sign up and buy AMSOIL as Dealers from the JUMP because you save 20-25% AND get a commission back on whatever you buy.

This is the best deal for YOU. Who turns down a few extra bucks back? >> $15 For 6 Months. Save 20-25% AND Earn a few bucks back!

You can also join as a preferred customer today…and upgrade to a dealership later on!

Do I Pay More to a Dealer? Should I Buy Through AMSOIL.com?

You Will Not Save $ by Buying Through AMSOIL.com. Actually, every AMSOIL customer is assigned to a “servicing dealer” anyway.

If you go directly to AMSOIL.com, your dealer is randomly assigned to you. You’re stuck with them for life, so you might as well choose someone you like and trust.

We give you the absolute best prices on the market PLUS extra help when you need it. Plus, our whole job is to make sure you have a great experience and help you with questions.

P.S. Don’t Tell Anyone, But…
We Have the “Funnest” Family in AMSOIL!

Our Customer Family

Our AMSOIL Friends and Family are strangely awesome. That’s why we’ve been with AMSOIL for over 35 years! Can you imagine that?!

In our experience, people who try AMSOIL tend to be pretty great. Here’s why: usually they take a $10 risk to try something better. They aren’t just doing whatever their grand-dad did just because they used to do it that way.


Check Out Our “Member-Only” Benefits – Click Here


People buy AMSOIL because it works better…and they’re looking for something better. Our customers don’t just settle into whatever they’re told…they make their own decisions. That makes them pretty independent, wonderful people to be around. Awww, we love you guys.

When you buy AMSOIL, you become part of a family. That’s because people sometimes have extra questions with synthetic oils & applications. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on overseas help lines, right? That’s what we’re here for. Your AMSOIL Dealer helps you get set up and provides extra help when you need it.


So You Can Buy AMSOIL Three Ways…

Option 1 – $10 Preferred Customer (Save 20-25%). As a preferred customer, you can buy AMSOIL at Factory-Direct prices (see below for example prices). When you place your order, add the “preferred customer” option. 6-Month Trial membership is $10.

Membership is SO easy…and frankly, we bet you’ll love AMSOIL. You can try it out for 6 months and see what you think. If you don’t love it, just let your membership expire. No obligations, minimums or hassles. You simply get the lower price as a member.


Option 2 – $15 Dealer (Save 20-25% AND Receive a % Commission Back). This is absolutely the best option because you get savings PLUS a commission back.

Lots of people miss out on this because they think membership is complicated. It’s not! It’s totally easy! But just to keep things simple, you can try AMSOIL with any of these three options.

When you sign up as a dealer, you get the savings PLUS the opportunity to sell the products to your friends. Don’t underestimate how awesome that is…that’s how we built a spectactular business that continues to grow no matter what we do. These products are truly awesome (we’ve been using them since 1974…in ALL of our equipment). When your car starts and your neighbor’s doesn’t, it’s a pretty great opportunity to sound brilliant….

Option 3 – Retail Online through this site, no membership, no minimums, whatever you want!


AMSOIL is More Expensive, Right?! WRONG!

What’s funny is, AMSOIL is often LESS Expensive than what you’re already using! Can you imagine that?! You don’t need as much AMSOIL to do a better job! Also, you can choose your drain intervals…from 7500, 10k or 25k miles. There’s also a new 3k mile drain interval oil, too, if that suits you!


Example Savings

Example Savings

Ready to Buy AMSOIL?

We bet you’re gonna love it! You can order directly from this site, retail or as a preferred customer. Feel free to call us with questions!

Wisconsin Office: 715-392-4006 |  Toll-Free 800-416-7109

NY Office: 917-745-7423